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Sorry for the Dumb Question but.....


started trt in june of this year, same old story i've read on this site, my doc put me on (one injection) 200 mg test cip per month. felt great for about a week then down again, bumped me up to (one injection) 200 mg every 2 weeks. same thing had the rise and fall effect.

i did blood work after 2 weeks since last injection and my test was lower than when i started. my doc then decided i should stop everything and wait 90 days to see where my levels were.

that's when i found this site and learned a lot very quickly.

so bottom line i'm going to try the 100 mg test ethanate in two doses per week, 1 mg liqidex per week in two doses and 250 iu hcg EOD and retest my levels in 6 weeks.

i have the test, liquidex and hcg should be here this next week.

my insulin syringes arrived today and they are the 29 G 1/2 inch 50 iu or .5 cc

i've been using 22 G 1 inch 3 cc for test injections previously but i was going to try the insulin syringe for test also.

so my dumb question is, if my insulin syringe is 50 iu and i need to do 250 iu, which i assume is 2.5 ml, do i need to buy 3 ml insulin syringe or are most guys injecting 5 syringes of the 50 iu size?


You need to find the concentration of whatever you are injecting! Is it 2000mg/cc, 1000mg/cc, or ?

My hcg is 10,000 iu, which must be diluted. Instructions are all over the internet. My cyp is 200mg/ml; 50mg=.25cc. Half of a .5cc syringe.

No reason to inject the arimidex, AFAIK.


If preserving fertility is not important to you, you may get better results if you eliminate the hCG and AI and just inject the testosterone 1x or 2x a week. This is often overlooked in the broscience conventional wisdom, but it's true for a lot of guys (including me) -- adding hCG and AI introduces a lot of additional potential for complications.

Yes, your testes will shrink somewhat, but they won't shrivel up and disappear, and they can be revived if necessary later on, and your girlfriend will be too impressed with (or sore as a result of) your boosted libido and ability to stay hard to notice or care.

Also, if you use an insulin syringe with attached 29g needle to inject test-e, be prepared to be patient... it's thick oily stuff and will take a while to push it through that tiny needle. Don't force it. I find 25g 1" needles to be the happy medium with t-cyp, which is of similar consistency, injected in my quads.


By "a while" do you mean 5 seconds? I inject .4 mL at a time each injection using 30 gauge insulin pins and the time it takes is completely negligible.


do you use the 1/2 inch needles? or different length?


half inch


ok, i think i understand now the hcg and dosage. i ordered 200 iu hcg so i'll see how much it will be diluted and then dose from there.
understanding there are 2000 iu total in the unit. basically 8 doses of 250 iu per bottle.

on a side note, i injected .5 ml test cip tonight with a 29 G 1/2 inch insulin syringe and it took sometime to load but the delivery was pretty quick. as far as discomfort, really no difference than a 22G 1 inch.
i'm curious how i'll feel in the next couple days with the shallower injection versus the 1 inch.


Seemed considerably longer to me when I tried it, long enough (and requiring enough pressure on the plunger) that I was worried about it slipping and causing problems, but I was doing 0.5 mL. I stick with 25s now, and even that's probably a little smaller than is appropriate for the substance in question, really. All these tough-talking T-addled dudes worrying about a little injection pain... kinda funny, really.


I have just started trt and my doc wants nothing to do with hcg;; I read a sticky on a forum (not sure which one ) that goes like this;; 250iu one days befor and 250iu the day of your test cypt injection;; this is to spike your natural test levels between the cypt spike levels ;; thus keeping test levels more even ;;

I beleive hcg half life to be 33hrs , and with this protocal ,I think you can get away with no AI;; I am giving it a try , but I am still at the end of a test masteron cycle , so i will know in a few weeks ;; also the least amount of compounds you use the better jm2cents


Better check those numbers again, carefully. The unit is the ml, not the bottle. hCG is shipped concentrated so that it doesn't degrade. 200 iu hCG is just about useless by the time it reaches you. In case of confusion, don't believe me, believe the FAQs.