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Sorry everyone i appreciate everything!

Dear fellow tnationers.
Im sorry that i post alot of silly things but i am a noob and i know alot of you give me good advice and most pf the time it isnt what im looking for so i wont listen. Im simply just overrun by the countless information all over the internet so my mimd if full of alot of concepts and miss conceptions.
Keep in mind that i always appreciate the advice so dont think i dont :slight_smile:
I have a lot to learn and i am very new to this so i ask you have patience with me and dont get rago! I understand it can be frustrating to tella kid some advice and then i doubt it. But i will try improve this in the future and keep in mind im not trying to offend you or be rude i just dont know much so i doubt information.
I will try and take in advicr and listen a bit more.
Hope everyone’s having a good start to 2017

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