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Sorry, but Anti-BB again

Just two quick questions about Chris Waterbury’s Program.
On the low rep days, am I supposed to go out of the gym worn out or is it normal that one is still relatively fresh after the session (which I realized is very short btw)?
And second am I supposed to get a pump or feel soreness afterwards???
Sorry for these questions but I never did such a strength based rep scheme.

many here at t-mag have become big fans of the “shorter” workouts and leave the gym refreshed rather than worn out. The days of the “longer is better” workouts are long gone. Doing the Anti-BB program…TRUST ME…you will be sore for the first couple of days and after while your body adapts.

Have you already started this program or are you asking ahead of time? To answer your question, I found anti-bodybuilding to be pretty challeging even though it is short and low reps. It has a lot to do with all the compound exercises.

I’m aware that shorter workouts are more beneficial. I never doubted that, but I was finished after 20-30 mins, which is the shortest that I ever did.

I did the first day today BP/Row SS (10 sets of 3 each).
When I was finished, I had no pump, and wasn’t too exhausted.
It was said that one should come near failure on the last sets. That was the case in the row, but I’m going to up the BP poundages.
So I was just curious if this was normal. Because I don’t really feel like I have done enough.

Oh and what just came to my mind:
I switched the flat bench with SLIGHT incline. Would that still be considered horizontal or no??

The workout should last at least 30-40 minutes at the minimum.You are supposed to do chest rest 60 seconds then do back and rest 60 seconds. This is an excerpt from his article

Rest: 60 seconds between supersets (i.e. train chest, rest 60 secs, train back, rest 60 secs, train chest, rest 60 seconds, etc)

Are you going heavy? That is a lot of sets of low reps and you should be getting some soreness out of it unless for some reason you are used to more volume. Another thing, soreness should not be an indication of the effectiveness of a program. You should judge a program on the basis of results. If you are continually getting stronger on a program, than it is working.

Yes a slight incline is considered horizontal. I define horizontal pressing as any pressing movement with an angle up to 45 degrees. Anything over that is considered vertical pressing in my book.

Also make sure to use the recommended tempos.

Jason L,
I know, I know, I ain’t that new to lifting.
And sorry for sounding like an idiot but yesterday evening it just felt like I did nothing at all, so I asked.

But I appologize now!
I can’t move my chest without pain!
I’m sorry that I doubted the quality of this program!

No problem. It’s just hard to tell with posters who don’t post much.

Sorry for the soreness. I didn’t mean to do it - honest!

Chad I hate you!
How could you do this???
Why do you make such brutal programs!!
I can’t even walk today!!

You better get me a program with the ABmaster2003, at least that works…

For those of you who didn’t catch it in the original post, Reggie created the ultimate strength trainer by combining my name along with Christian Thib and Chris Shugs. Yes, here he is known as Chris Waterbury - ultimate strength trainer.

Oh Damn!!
Sorry I just read another article where it talked about chris shugart while writing this. i didn’t even realize it till now…
Whatever, doesn’t sound too bad though? =/