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Does anyone remember what the topical cream that Charles Poliquin used for soreness was?
It was in an issue of MM2K a few years ago.
I’ve sometimes used ibuprofen cream but it’s prescription only in my country.
This other cream consisted of natural ingredients only.
I often get this debilitating soreness where I can’t even walk properly.And no,stretching doesn’t help.It only makes it worse.

Trameel creem.This stuff is from Germany and very hard to find in the states. The key ingreadient is Arnica. Most health food stores should have a muscle rub with arnica in it.

Yeah my local health food store sells Traumeel. I’d buy some but it’s expensive as hell!! Something like $27.50 for a toothpaste sized bottle. If you find any let us know how it works.

hmm howabout arnica mixed in with some phlogel? seems to me it would be cheaper.

It is also marketed under the name Traumed, and for a lot less $$.

I use Voltaren Emulgel with great success.
This is a non prescription drug in europe and it comes fairly cheap, around $4 for 100ml. It should be sold otc in the US but I might be wrong

My wife was given a “prescription” for traumeel when she had a car accident last summer. The stuff was amazing! She used it on the seatbelt and airbag burns/bruises and they went away in no time with very little pain. Some was left over and we used it on a fairly severe sunburn (she’s a redhead in AZ!) and got zero blistering. I’m not sure how it would work for muscle soreness due to exercise (I’ll find out next leg day and report back), but if it works half as well as it did in the other situations, it’s worth the price in my book.