I just came back from a long hiatus from working out on Monday. I am doing three total body routines a week (Mon, Wed, Fri). However, I am still pretty sore. Should I train today or wait until the soreness goes away? Thanks.

Train. If you’re doing a total body routine soreness is to be expected. You should get used to it(for the most part) soon enough.

Obviously, you should use common sense. If your soreness is extreme, for example, not being able to walk, don’t train.

If you need help with the soreness, Creatine will help get ya jump started, or some magnesium, either one. It would help to do alot of stretching, and warming up as well.

it will go away

i wouldnt train FB heavy 3 times the first week back

Initially you will be sore, but after a few weeks the body will adjust IF your chosen training parameters aren’t too taxing. Especially if you plan to train in the heavy bracket all week pay extra attention to how you feel after the workout. I urge you to take a look at Chad Waterbury’s programs Total Body Training and about four that come after it(later date) for building 3x week total body plans.

Thanks guys

When I first started up in a “real” routine, my first total-body workout gave me DOMS for a solid week. Two months in, I only get mild soreness.

One word of caution, though; excessive soreness can restrict your flexibility, so if you train, make sure you stretch out and warm up properly.