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Soreness ?

Over the last 15 months I have had multiple surgeries that left mt out of the gym almost the entire time. Suprisingly I havent lost much weight or muscle(wierd).

Anyways I started back up this past week wish a morn/eve pushday on monday and a morn/eve pull on tuesday legs thursday and cardio blah blah. Anyways its 2am on sunday and my chest is still somewhat sore (from monday)…So my question is it alright to work out my chest again today? Or should I wait until I’m Completely un…sore… lol


Are you sore from something that you hurt or are you just stiff from training?

If it’s just stiffness then train though it.

Its just from working out for the first time in a while, you know what i mean.


I’d wait a while, until it’s almost subsided before I hit it again.

If I DID hit it again whilst sore, I’d keep the reps high and the TUT fairly long, to help flush blood through the area.

Warm up a bit and it should go away. Go for the training session.