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this is perhaps a stupid question, but, does one have to be sore the day following a work out for progress to be made? does not being sore just mean you wasted your time at the gym?
thank you for your time

no and no

As you progress, you’ll find that you will be sore less and less. your body will adapt. I’ve been lifting for a long time, and occassionally, when I competely change my routine, I get kinda sore,. also sometimes if my diet slacks, specially my post workout meal, I get more sore than usual… has absolutely NOTHING to do with making progress.

When I stop getting sore I change my workout Which is about every 4 weeks. I personally like the feeling of being sore and I don’t feel like I pushed myself if I’m not.

Soreness for me is a tremendous mental boost, but the others here are right in that it does not necessarily demonstrate progress. When I’m sore, I feel fantastic and feel like I’m pregressing and when I’m not sore, I get bummed, but that’s just because I’m a freak. So, forget about soreness and rely on other methods to judge progress.

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