when I work my triceps I experience extreme soreness. even after about 6 days I still have a deep ache in my tri’s. any advice on how to speed their recovery would be appreciated, this is really affecting my chest workouts.

What I do, especially after a tough tricep or bicep session, is spend a bit of time doing a really high rep set the next time I’m in the gym or even at home. Not a heavy set. Just enough to get the blood into the area to help speed recovery. The worse thing to do is nothing. I also stretch.


Try cryotherapy/ice massage as outlined in Charles Staley’s EDT Arm Specialization article.

Try Chad Waterbury’s 100 reps program using band pressdowns or tricep pressdowns or even a narrow spaced push-up.

Raising his flame shield Okay your gonna think I’m nuts but up the frequency of your tricep workouts. I noticed that after doing Bryan Haycocks HST(full body workouts 3 times a week) that DOMS was almost non existant. So much so that instead of starting with low weights and stepping it up each workout(HST protocols) I could use close to my maxium 3 times a week without soreness. Now I notice much less soreness(or none at all) even with other styles of training. I’ve used EDT and had 2 different workout days that I rotated over 3 workouts per week(far more volume than charles recommended). Well I was beating my pr’s every workout…still no soreness. Currently I did notice DOMS after Don Alessi’s trap program. But that had exercises I have never done and extreme volume. So my advice is split up the total volume of your tricep workout over all your workouts in one week. So if you workout 3 times per week and do 15 sets for your tricep workout…you guessed it 5 sets per workout. Lower your intensity for the first week…leave a few reps in the bag. Then gradually increase the intensity over the next 2 or 3 weeks. (Your tricep strength should go…UP!!!) Then go back to your traditional training split. I’m betting by the end of the second week of training your tris 3 times per week you won’t even feel them the next day at all. Then you will feel little or no pain when going back to putting all your tricep work in one workout. Well I’m speculating…this may only work for me. But it’s worth a try. Pain free training wooohooo. :slight_smile: