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Soreness Two Days Later


Before anyone tells me to use the search function-i did already. It didn't really seem to address the type of pain I'm talking about.

This usually goes for legs, but also happens a lot for chest/triceps: after a good workout I'm not THAT sore the next day. But 2 days later I'm so sore it hurts like a bitch. Not just soreness, it's like someone beat me with a baseball bat. And this often lasts for up to 5 days.

What gives?
Am I not eating enough? I do get enough sleep. How to go about this?
Am I the only one? (yeah I know, probably not)


Its called DOMS.


Looked it up. Sounds about right. Thanks.
Any tips on how to reduce/treat this?


That’s actually normal ( “delayed” soreness), however, 5 days is definitely too long so you need to up your protein and sleep. Other remedies include sauna, massages and cherry juice (supposed to contain certain enzymes idk).


I get DOMS like a motherfucker, so I can totally relate to the soreness/pain you describe, even 3-5 days after training a specific muscle group. Even with 350-400g protein/day and 9 hours of sleep a night, the problem was not significantly reduced, so I started experimenting.

What I found was that aggressive, loaded stretching immediately following training, and then a foam-rolling session 4-6 hours later are the most effective treatments. Keep in mind that though this works wonders for me, everyone is different. But it’s definitely worth a shot if you find yourself limping around 5 days after a lower-body session.


if youre truly a hardcore mother fucker, you could do what brock lesner does and jump in a tub of iced water right after lifting. i havent had the chance to try it yet, but supposedly it helps alot


I’m rarely ever sore the next day. Typically the following night before bed and then worst the next morning: 1.5-2 days before it sets in.


I have exactly the same thing with legs. It’s not uncommon for my legs to be sore for 5-6 days if I hit them really hard. Very rarely are they sore the day after, but 2 days later when I wake up its painful to walk…

To second CrookedCrown, usually some pretty aggressive stretching immediately post-workout alleviates a lot of the DOMS.


stretching and foam rolling really help reduce soreness for me, especially stretching.


I get the same thing with lower body workouts in particular. Day after no problem, but 2 days later the sh*t hits the fan. I’ve had some success with feeder workouts to flush the area with blood; stairs and rowing seem to help ease the pain, too (though they don’t feel great while you’re doing them).


I used to have DOMS real bad lasting 3-5 days when I switched to PL and utilizing WSB methods. I tried everything from Tests pills, extra protein and so forth. What I found that works wonders for me is taking a preworkout drink Power Drive along with 2 scoops of powder BCAA. In other words, I increased my dosage of BCAA before, during and after. Furthermore, after researching Power Drive, I started taking in its pill form L-Tyrosine after working out.

With all training held constant, when I started taking extra BCAA and L-Tyrosine, my DOMS lasts for 1-1.5 days for that muscle group.

Hopes this helps.


I usually never feel sore unless I switch up an exercise, or change the repetition range.


Thanks guys! Will definitely try this stuff

I just thought of something. Isn’t this soreness inflammation? If so, wouldn’t taking higher doses of fish oil (after the 1st solid carb meal post-workout) help with this inflammation?


Don’t think so about the fish oil.

The only bad DOMS I get is in the legs, which usually last up to 5 days. If you can manage it, doing some cardio after a leg workout seems to reduce it to about 2 days for me.


I actually like getting DOMS.


yeah i’m considering doing slow paced high incline at the end of my workout. We’ll see what happens.

And Asus: then you don’t get it as bad as I do


I get weird DOMS in my legs.
My glutes and quads are really sore the day after training legs.
My hamstrings get sore two days later.
Now what’s up with THAT?

I also enjoy the soreness. I know it’s not a good indicator of how effective a workout was, but it’s still nice to pretend.


[quote]jCaesar88 wrote:
yeah i’m considering doing slow paced high incline at the end of my workout. We’ll see what happens.

And Asus: then you don’t get it as bad as I do[/quote]

Make sure you get some actual food in you post workout.

Take a cold shower, that ice in the bath tub sounds horrible.

I dont stretch or foam roll, but I do try to spend a few minutes flexing what I just worked, which has a similar effect.


I experience far worse DOMS if I don’t eat enough to provide recovery. How are you structuring your intake post workout and into the next day?