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Soreness, Squats, + Running


So I just got back into lifting recently. I've been using full body routines 3 times a week, using basic compound movements. For whatever reason i'm not sore the next day after a workout. I've been squating 225 for 4 sets 6-8 reps ass to grass. Should I keep squatting or should I start using the leg press with bigger poudages say 400-500? Its the same with benching.I just don't get why im not sore. Is lack of sorness an indicator that the poundage is too low?

And a last one. I read that you need to be able to run a 5-7 minute mile to get big, because gaining muscle requires a strong heart and a good set of lungs to push yourself hard enough. Are some of you bigger guys able to do this? Thanks.


I would stick with the compound lifts, maybe throw in more sets, or heavier weight if you can. That'll work if soreness is your goal. Someone here said it best, something about how anyone can train until theyre sore, but few can train until theyre better. There's not as strong of a link between the two as once thought.


gauge your success by your increases in poundages and muscle mass. soreness is the result of many variables, and is not a reliable indicator of the effectiveness of a program.

the running thing makes me scratch my head. it sounds like something out of some retarded muscle mag. you can gain plenty of muscle with a program that is not very cardiovascularly challenging. also, 7 minutes is hardly amazing for a mile, so even if the strong heart/ability to gain muscle connection were true, the numbers supplied wouldn't indicate a strong heart.


If you want to get sore, jsut stick with the same weight and churn out a set of 20. You can do it. And you will be sore the next day.

But soreness is not a sign that you're growing. It's a sign you've done something novel. Growth comes from progress, not from novelty.