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Soreness Questions


Dumb question but...

Lately, I've been getting sore 2 days after my workout instead of the day after (i.e. I work biceps on monday, feel little/nothing tuesday, and then get really sore wednesday).

Is this indication of bad rest/recovery? am i doing something wrong? or is this normal and i'm just reading too far into it?

I've Been lifting 11 months but only been seriously training for about 4 months.

Day 1: tri's/chest/shoulders
Day 2: glutes/hams/quads
Day 3: Back/Bi's
Day 4: calves/abs
Days 5+6: off


you need more protein


Hey Rijati --

I'm having the same problem. Been seriously lifting for 3 months and now I get sore 2 days after, especially legs. I go to the gym every other day, so its pretty annoying.

I don't think it'd be because I'm not getting enough protein. I eat plenty on work-out days, though maybe not as much as I should on recovery days.


I find that pretty hard to believe.

I consume 430g protein daily and weigh 189 lbs.


430? wow you must be rich


430 is not that hard to reach if you are a smart shopper. I have been and on some days still do eat over 400 grams and my weekly budget is never more than 50-60 dollars.


The old man helps me out a little.


how many grams of carbs you get?


Pretty low, about 85g carbs a day


anyway i wouldnt give much thought into it, unless if you changed something

otherwise soreness is supposed to start in 12-48 hours after training according to most sites ive seen saying so when i googled about it.

its also supposed to last up to a week normally


SHHH don't tell that to my body. I trained legs Monday and they are back up again tomorrow.


dont you wish you could just give it chocolate like you give girls and they stop being a pain?

for like 5 minutes anyway


hmm. 85g C a day and <400g P a day. Are you timing your C with your P after workout? Because it doesn't sound to be nutrient based at that level. I would look more to sleep and stretching I guess (any suggestions).


Yeah, i get most (50g) of my carbs post workout. However i don't get any carbs prior to bed.

I'm "bulking"...but i really don't want to gain that much fat, at the same time i don't want to scarifice my protein intake...so my macro is a little lopsided.