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soreness = overtraining?

I have been training for a few years, but recently I have been using deep, breathing squats. I am trying to mass up/gain weight. After everytime I do these, I do about 4/5 sets to failure - I get out about 12-15 reps on each one - intensity is through the roof. My question - I get hella sore for as much as 5 days after I do this to the point where I can almost not walk. Am I overtraining? Should I do something different to make my legs grow?? Thanks all

yes you are overtraining. being too sore to the point of limited movement for that long period of time means that you severly destoyed the muscle. Have you been able to gain lean mass with these workouts? How have your other workouts been? same intensity? laters pk

I think you are definitely overdoing it. Most breathing squat routines I have seen stick to a one set of 20 format. I would give this a try. Just the ability to walk the rest of the week would probably be benefit enough. If you feel like you’re wasting away try putting in a second day with one set of 20. This should still help you pack on some mass while allowing you to recover much faster.