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Soreness is a Thing of the Past. Anyone Else?


Balls to the wall!


Yep… from a frequency perspective I usually hit a muscle group maybe 3x a week. Either upper/lower or fully body is appropriate. One final thought… make sure you deload on a regular basis because its pretty easy to get rekt doing this.


From what it sounds like, in regards to you mentioning that this is after 3 1/2 months of active training, is that your body has adapted to the stimulus you’ve been giving it. If you are still seeing gains in strength and composition it should be fine, but if you start to stall it might be a time to look at changing up set and rep schemes and weights, etc. For example, and I’m not saying its the case, but if for every leg day you did the workout you mentioned without increasing the weight or reps done it’s most likely your body having just adapted


The weight/rep I posted was just an example from the last time I did legs. The weight over the last 4 weeks on the 4x10 set/rep scheme has increased 20# a week on squats, and I do vary my workout with lighter weight, higher reps. Strength in all lifts has been consistently increasing and weight used is rising. I have been doing a 3 days on, 1 off, 3 on, 2 off, 3 on, 3 off, rinse, repeat, and I feel fresh and full of energy.


Usually when you get to the point of not even a bit of soreness thats your cue to switch up you routine target your muscles in a different way you need to shock your muscles and get them out of that comfortable routine this usually works with me!


I switch up the exercises and routine pretty regular. For example, on one back workout I might do heavy barbell rows, seated cable rows and pullups. The next I may, after deadlifting, do dumbbell rows and close, neutral grip pulldowns. For chest I might do both incline and decline dumbbell presses and finish off with the pec deck, next workout might be pressing on the hammer strength machines followed by cable work. I’m getting good results, I just don’t really get sore. Weird.


I like switching up the grips, angles and lifts.

Effective work without abusing joints and tendons with the same move over and over. More stimulation and less inflammation.

I like your on/off day rotation too.

It seems like you’re not getting beat up because you’re training and eating smart. Give us more of your thoughts/tips.



So you can parrot athlean-x videos? Cool.

Explain to me how @ActivitiesGuy has a mid-600s and climbing deadlift and doesn’t need to get DOMS?

I get DOMS plenty, because I do high volume workouts. But there are a lot of people a lot stronger than me who do high frequency, low volume programs, and get stronger and bigger without getting regular DOMS.

I also think Jeff meant that if you do what he tells you in that video and you don’t get sore, you’re doing something wrong. But soreness is a poor metric for an effective workout.


See, this isn’t weird. The OP is literally saying he’s getting stronger and bigger without getting sore and you think he’s doing something wrong.


It’s more the exception than the rule that I get sore. If I break into an uncharacteristically high volume workout or make some stupid jumps, I’m likely to have some soreness, but nothing like I remember when I was younger. I just attribute it to being a candyass when I was younger. (jk)