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Soreness in Pecs


After chest day the soreness in my pecs is always on the outer, upper area. Never in the lower pecs or inner area. Doesn't matter what exercises I do. Does this mean anything?

Also, my delts are never sore after workouts. Again, mean anything?



I wouldn’t worry about it. My shoulders never get sore, even after 100 reps. The chest thing might be related to your form, but having a chest day isn’t wise in general.


“Doctor, it hurts when I do this”
“Then don’t do that”

Why is every question lately so vague???


[quote]Nashtide wrote:
Does this mean anything?
Nothing important, no.

Are you chest days making your chest bigger and stronger?


I don’t think muscle soreness means anything really. Often you’ll find soreness after doing exercises in loaded stretched positions such as Romanian Deadlifts or Overhead Triceps extensions for example. Other times you can get a great pump on Middle Deltoids with Lateral Raises but no muscle soreness the following day.

Having no muscle soreness is actually a good thing. Nothing worse then wanting to hit the gym hard but you’re still feeling sore from a day or two ago.

Just on the Lower, Inner Chest, I find that gets sore the following day after doing lots of bar dips (leaning forward). As I said above it’s most likely due to being under load in a stretched position.