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Soreness in Legs


I'm not really a "beginner" but I have noticed one thing that I haven't been able to figure out: the day after a workout with leg sets, I'm sort of sore, (like I should be) but the day after the "off" day I'm extremely sore. It's a bit of a problem, as I want to do legs at least twice a week, but the second time I'm still sore from the first.

I don't know the reason, but I'm guessing it's because you kind of, sorta, have to use your legs to walk the next day? My arms, abs, chest are sore the next day, but not the day after that, but obviously I don't walk with my chest or arms.

Anyone else have this feeling? Am I right on why it happens?


delayed onset muscle soreness. some debate over the specific cause, but in short your body is healing itself. look up some articles on recovery workouts and you should be able to address it


For me Doms in all body parts are greatest 2 days later. Even still its not sore enough that I can't work it, and its most of the time after a long break.

How often are you doing legs, maybe you are waiting too long, or doing too much work.

Your diet can also play a big factor are you getting the nutrients you need? I know low carbs is the in thing but if you have a tough leg workout I think adding some carbs will help you get over it better.


I eat oatmeal for breakfast, 2x tuna on wheat w/ a salad for lunch, and lunch for dinner with a cup of soup. I also have an apple or 2 with every meal. college campuses don't offer a great selection of healthy meat; most of the other stuff is deep fried in grease.

My leg day workout consists of squats, front squats, deep squats, dead lifts, leg ext, leg curls, and a few other things. (I use the 10-8-6 method)


Yup if im sore at all the day after I know 48 hours later in in trouble



ya today is that second day after, and I can barely walk. I'm waking like I got both legs in casts or something. Read the "ways to prevent it" and the "ways to reduce pain" and they're both things I already do. (warmup, cooldown, stretch before and after; massage pained area, stretch lightly) Neither work. Sooo...now what? Ibuprofen? haha


Start squating 3 times a week. I know that sounds weird but do it heavy, light, medium. Start it off light so you don't get DOMS very bad and progress up. Work through any pain you have.

The problem is lack of conditioning. Training weekly guarantees that you will have DOMS since your legs become deconditioned over that time. I never get DOMS once I swiched to 3 days a week. Twice a week is the minimum to train.



Your definitely not eating that much, if your not under 185lbs specially not great for recovery. The last question is how often? if your waiting 7 days you will still have some soreness after leg workouts.


ya I'm thinkin you're both right, I need to up the number of times per week, and start over. I've been lifting for a few years now, always included legs, but I never did it with the volume that I am now, and I always did it 3 times a week. Now I'm at once a week, probably resulting in my DOMS. thanks.


Happens after a long break or something entirely new. If the pain is really bad on day two, consider doing some light cardio or some very light lifting to get the blood flow going to those areas.

Also, remember to stretch after your workout, and definitely on your off days if you have soreness.

A little bit of ibuprofen won't kill you if it's really severe, but don't use it as a crutch.


course not. but thanks for the advice.