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Soreness in Hip Flexors


Hello everyone I've recently started feeling tenderness in my hip flexors when I squat and after I squat. Has anyone experienced this before? If so could someone please tell me whether or not I should be concerned about this and anything that could help the situation. Thanks for the help.


Stretch and roll those bad boys.


Happens to me too, especially once I started doing the olympic lifts. Like Grettiron said, stretch and roll.


Also make sure your opening your hips up and pushing your knees out hard. If I forget to do that, my hip flexors will feel like that.


I wasn't doing this forever and my left hip flexor got all fucked up. I thought I was, but then I did it, and realized I wasn't. Some week external rotators might have been to blame and I spent a lot of time on the good/girl bad girl machine and doing bird dogs.

This was ridiculously tight on my left side:

A couple other stretches and some foam rolling got it evened out. It probably would have went away on its own if I fixed my squat form sooner.