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Soreness & Hypertrophy: Proportional?

I s the level of soreness you get proportional to the amount of hypertrophy inducing stimulus?

Would this be the reason why it is best to mix up your routine and do different set/rep patterns?

I’ve been doing 2x20rep squats and deads the last few weeks. Of course I was sore when I began this(DOMS). But now, I get almost zero soreness. (same weight)

So I can assume that since I am not getting sore, that there is little or no muscle hypertrophy inducing stimulus?


That is basically faulty logic. Obviously if you never feel anything after a workout you probably aren’t doing anything, but DOMS is a negative side-effect of training, not something that should be sought after.

DOMS is not related to hypertrophy in any way.