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Soreness for 4 Days


Hello all. Ive been trying to hit the gym hard, and the result is that the muscle group I train is excessively sore. Its not sore to the point that it hurts, but it is almost there. The soreness doesnt go away for amlost four days. does this mean that I am working too hard? I have been eating right, and sleeping about 6-7 hours a night. So basically I am trying to ask if being sore for 4-5 days is good or bad? why/whynot? Should I go easier on my training? Thanks for any help!


I think it would depend on your training history. Have you just started to hit the gym after a long (months to years) lay off? Has your activity level been like that of a corpse? What is your training like for that muscle group that you mentioned?

I remember when I started "working out" in high school (or at least I thought I was working out) I did about 12 exercises for my "pecs" each exercise being 3-4 sets of 8-15 reps. I was sore for at least 8 days to the point where I could not put my backpack on to go to school. Maybe you're in the same boat.

If you could provide more information about your training history, training frequency, etc. then I am sure we can help you out a bit more.



Streching muscles post workout helps to alleviate some of the soreness, although most of it is inevitable. Whirlpool baths, hot cold contrast showers etc all help. Also sleeping 6-7 hrs might be better if you can bump it up 8-9.


Try to get 8 hours of sleep and use a variety of recovery methods (sauna, contrast showers, massage ...) when you are training hard.


Ton, I have been lifting (smart) for about a year now. I used to only do a couple machines every time I went to the gym, but now I am doing 3-5. One part of my body that is sore for 4-5 days is my chest. Ill do about 3 sets of 5 on each machine and would not go to failure unless it was the bench press. I do all my sets with intensity. Thats the reason why its extra sore, but is this good or bad?


no, you should go harder on your eating and sleeping.


Ok couple of things that help alleviate too much soreness if it occurs. Very light to light work in same area which pumps blood to the area and really helps recovery, but not enough to damage muscle tissue again, that would be like chucking turps on a bonfire.

Sleep more and get up to eat in the night, or drink a protein drink in the night, take some fats with it, for instance Olive oil and fish oil caps.

I got so good at doing this, I used to not even remember doing it, I'd set alarm for 3.45 wake, drink the protein shake etc, and not even remember, just wake and the empty tub would be there.

Unless some joker was coming in my room and drinking it for me. :frowning:


Don't exclusively use machines.


K thanks all for the help.


I disagree on this one. Consume protein and some fat before bed, but it isn't worth sacrificing sleep quality to deliberately wake up in the middle of the night. 8 hours of uninterrupted sleep is far better than the same amount broken up.