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Soreness as a Gauge?


Muscle soreness (DOMS). Is it a guage for an effective workout? I have heard conflicting stuff about the relation to soreness and muscle damage/stimulation. It seems when I focus on the eccentric part of the lift, I always get sore. And my soreness doesnt seem to be related to volume either. It's seems to involve the amount of weight and form. And of course intensity methods contribute such as forced reps, rest pause, partial reps, drop sets etc...

Is it a good guage of an effective workout or no?


you know if its a good workout when you progress in weight or reps next time you work that muscle (aslong as diet and other factors are in order)


I agree with texas man, I don't think soreness is accurate for telling if a workout went well. My favorite workouts are the ones where I feel like a monster when I'm done, not the ones where I'm pooped out.


Yes and no.

Yes in the fact that it lets you know which muscles you hit.

No in that DOMS sucks and slows you down tomorrow...

I haven't gone a day without something being sore in so long I don't really bother worrying about it anymore. The less you eat, the more sore you are gonna be typically.


example: 3 weeks ago i did 5x10 back squats ramping up to 140kg after deadlifting- i got very sore. Today i worked up to 150kg x10 after deads, and will be nowhere near as sore because my body is adapting to the workload


^ Gawd i worked legs today and did squat for the 1st time in ages. Not going to be able to walk properly for a few days......and ive got an interview tommorow! They will think ive shit myself :open_mouth:


Or that you were rode by a big man.

I changed my deadlift form three days ago and I'm still sore from it. First time I'm sore for months.


I think the reason I think there is some sense to it is this: When I use machines-Hammer Strenth for instance- I never get sore. When I use dumbells, sometimes I get sore. But I usually always get sore when I do barbells. It probably has to do more with the fact that the weight is heavier, although with all 3 I strive for the same rep range...