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Soreness Around Patella/Quad Tendon


was originally front squatting about a month ago and then after feeling comfortable moved back over to regular suats

really been working on my lower back form as i was curling the bottom of my back too much and placing too much unnecessary pressure on it, causing me other problems

anyway now, as mentioned in the title, i am feeling stiff/sore right on the top part of each knee cap and when i now perform an atg b/w squat, my right knee pops (which it has never done before)

im pretty sure my form is good but obviously i am doing something wrong

ive been reading that tense calfs/hams etc can cause problem. Ive been foam rolling my quads but not all the way down to the top part of the knee cap, as i thought it was sensitive, but looks as though i should be going all the way down?

anyone else experienced this?

and if so whats the best way to resolve it - i dont want to do squats again until i know i am not going to make things worse…