Soreness and Squats

im trying to do cardio 3x week on the lifecycle and still trying to up my squats. its hard to do this because of the soreness that lingers. how the hell does one do this??its really getting to be annoying…some days its hard to squat 135 after doing the cycling…i need cardio for life and need squats for strength…any suggestions would be nice. thanks…

What sort of workout(s) are you doing on the cycle (ie, HIIT, LISS, etc), and how many days/week are you squatting?

EDIT: Also, when you say ‘soreness,’ do you mean actual DOMS-like pain, or is it more of a deep fatigue–like your legs are fried even before you start squatting in earnest?

To tag onto what EyeDentist asked are you squatting and cycling on the same days?

More importrantly, why do you feel like you need 3 days of cardio for life?