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Soreness and Recovery for MMA

Besides ice baths and etc. What supplements do you guys use for soreness? I have been taking a supplement called sorenzyme by Labrada but now it seems websites are reporting out of stock of this and I am wondering if the company stopped making it?

How long have you been training?

Sorry this isn’t exactly answering your question but do you have your diet and sleep in check? How about structuring your training so your total workload doesn’t exceed your recovery capacity?

Without having these factors on point no amount of contrast baths, fancy compression clothing or supplements of both the legal and PEDs varieties will save you

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Amazing post and video! This should be a sticky or at least regularly bumped up. I have these exact issues that crop up regularly and leave me wondering why.

I turn 50 this month, and even recently I was mentioning that I worry about training hard for a period of time I lose track of, and then wonder what I am to do about over exertion, bordering on overtraining.

Stress management alone is an area that has affected me, although in the last year I have made great strides in tackling the bull with it.

Epsom salt bath and deep tissue/sports massage. Also I’ve never tried it but I know a lot of fighters swear by acupuncture.

The Epsom Salt bath, is that with hot water or cold water?