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Soreness After ART

Today I went to my chiropractor. He’s a really nice guy and more importantly, an ART therapist as well. I’ve been having a little dull pinch kind of pain in my shoulder when I bench, I figured it would go away, it didn’t, but it didn’t get any worse either.

Anyway, he did some work on the back of my shoulder and stuff, but then he dug into the top outside, in the mid head. Talk about hurt. Like an electric needle. I’ve gotten ART from him before several times, and usually it feels really good, sometimes a little discomfort, but this was an actual almost bring me to my knees pain. And the damn thing’s still a little sore. Anyone have any ideas as to what or why?
I’m not sure enough of how the side head attatches to the front and to the chest.

If there was a nerve impingement, he may have been loosening the whole shoulder to aleviate it. This can also change the position of the clavicle/scapula/humuros to relieve any joint surface problems.That is if the prob. you were having was similar to mine.
I have had treatments like this a few times too. Like getting your hair pulled. He told me thats the adhesions of the fascia being pulled apart. Went away after a few days though. Feels good and works well now, too.

Did he recommend using any heat or ice? If it’s still very painful, I would think ice, but if it’s just kinda achey now, maybe a heating pad or a nice long soak in the hot tub would be a good idea…

BTW, if playdoh is sounding like fun, maybe you DO need some hot tub time :slight_smile:

Well, today it’s a little achy, but still really sore on the outside–the medial head.
Like…sometimes if you get a bad shot? Tetanus or something?
Actually, the heat’s not a bad idea. He didn’t say anything, but maybe I’ll put the moist heat heating pad on it later.
I couldn’t tell if it was adhesions being pulled apart or what, but his fingers digging in there were enough. When he does the rotator cuff and traps and I can feel the adhesions stretching out I kind of like that feeling.
And…Jilly…playdoh is always fun. Especially if there’s neat attachments and stuff. The playdoh kitchen, the playdoh dino set, stuff like that.
What can I say? I was deprived as a child and still haven’t really grown up.