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Soreish Shoulders and Elbows? Check your Office Chair


Some might know of this but for those who don't...this might help...my right elbow was always a tad tender...rotators always kinda sore...till it hit me...I spend a lot of time in my office chair at work. I looked at my right arm pad and its getting worn out from use...the left one looks new.

I experimented and removed both arm rests. In a few days from letting my arms hang "naturaly" the pain in my shoulders is reduced and so is the elbow...same goes for leaning your elbows into the car door and center console while you drive. Try it out and let me know!


Cool story bro

I mean that in the best way possible...


I find more injuries come from how people rest then how people move.


I'm going to try this, I have rotator pain in my right shoulder when I bench. The console in my car is cracking because I lean on it pretty much the entire time I'm driving. If this fixed it that would be amazing.


Fo Sho! There is a definite difference in how my body feels on the weekend if I stay busy and active -vs- vegging out on the couch all weekend. My body hurts all over when I do that, veg out that is.