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Simon, Big Pun has a point to a certain extent, but I wouldn’t put it quite so bluntly. However your question does make you look rather ignorant. I presume that you took steroids for the first time last night, worked out real hard, and are now confused as to why you do’nt feel “drastically different”. Dude, steroids aren’t gonna change you overnight, and possibly not at all if you have no clue about proper dosages, drugs, cycling. If you need advice on the steroid front, (As I believe you probably do), I would post on that forum. (However at least do some homework reading beforehand, as they take a very stern view of uninformed ignorant juicers.

Haven’t you had times before when NOT using steroids when you weren’t sore after a tough workout? Why should being on make such a difference?

If you need help and advice with your training program, get back to us.