Sore Wrist

Can anything be done about sore wrists while doing bb curls on a straight or ez curl bar?


If an exercise makes your wrist hurt, don’t do it. It’s really that simple.

Then again, maybe I’m misunderstanding what you’re trying to say.

Usually the EZ curl bar is more wrist friendly.

How wide of a grip are you using?

Some people do better with a little wider grip. Try standing up straight, with your shoulders back and arms hanging to your side. Rotate your your hand so that the palms face forward.

Grip the bar in that exact position.

If the exercise still hurts, try switching to DB’s. No sense hurting yourself. If it is a relatively new problem look at your vol/intensity of your workouts and see if it is related to any changes.

If it continues to bother you, consider even after changing exercises, consider having it evaluated. Some easy PT/stretches may fix the problem.

Take care,


Yea, i get the same problem using a straight or ezbar. Ultimately, i had to stop doing them and switch to purely dumb bells. Occasionally I can go back to doing them, but the pain will come back within a few weeks…