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Sore Triceps and Forearms While Squatting

Hi guys.

I have been watching some videos and reading articles to improve my squat. A lot of them recommend to try as hard as possible to push the elbows right below the bar ( most of them put as example Andrei Malanichev arm position). I try it and it really help me, i feel more solid while squatting specially if i do them ATG. But the thing is that my triceps and forearms start to feeling very sore and tired while squatting, it’s not pain, i want to be clear about that, is most like the sore and pump you feel when you train them separately. but nevertheless i would really appreciate your opinions on the subject. It is normal to feel that tiredness and soreness?, or am i doing something wrong?.

PD: I squat without any kind of support gear.

If it’s a new thing your trying out then perhaps it’s just going to take a bit of time for your body to get used to it. If you’ve been doing it consistently for a while and it’s still happening, you could play around with slight variations of you’re grip (little closer/farther away).

For the love of all that is holy do not push your elbows up into the bar. Pull the bar down across your back.

Even if you’re not consciously pushing up on the bar make sure you’re pulling the bar down across your back like on a lat pulldown. Pushing up against the bar can cause elbow/tricep pain and some serious impingement issues.


^This. Your back should support the weight, not your hands. Wear the bar, don’t hold it.

Unrack an empty bar. If your position allows you to press the bar off your back, imagine how much stress is on your elbows when the bar is loaded.

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Pull your elbows into your sides, don’t force them under the bar (the result will be broadly similar). You’re getting to where I was, which was fairly nasty tendinitis in both elbows that stopped me straight bar squatting for close to six months.

As long as you can lock your upper back and stop your elbows pointing backwards you should be fine.

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