Sore Thigh Muscle

OK, so my gym owner/former pro figther was showing me a couple of moves Tae kwon do fighters rely on. He drove his knee into my left thigh above the knee, where you find the outer quad sweep. He just nudged it, to show me how it’s done with good technique…but right there and then, it started to feel sore and numb.

I had sprinted and done a full body stretch just minutes earlier.

How or when it hurts: when I get up from a chair and use my legs to push my butt off of it. Or when I’m curling my legs/bending my knees to, say, squat down and drag something out from under the bed, just to give you an example.

The gym owner says just let it be, it’ll go away in a day. But I have a squat/deadlift workout coming up day after tomorrow, and I want my thigh/ham to be a 100%. Is there any real need for icing? It doesn’t hurt really, just sore and numb, and perhaps, mild discomfort when I fully curl my leg and straighten it. I was feeling it slightly, as I worked the clutch in my car too.

So, thoughts/comments? I appreciate you taking the time to read this. My posts are rather lengthy, I know. Thanks again, I look forward to your feedback and suggestions.

Happy lifting.

Come on guys!

Tell me if I should ice it or not.

Icing is better than doing nothing at all. It just sounds like a simple contusion, so I would suggest that you RICE it and add some light stretching to maintain flexibility. If you have the time and means, ice for 10min on/off for a few cycles. The 10min on/off has been shown to have the greatest cooling effect on soft tissue.

Brilliant. Sounds good, will do just that.

I think I’ll forego the running/sprinting for a few days, and squats/deadlifts as well, which is coming up tomorrow. Extensions, curls and just calve raises it is. In other words, half-ass it on leg day.

Thanks very much mate!

Stay pain free, good luck.

Latest: icing hasn’t helped all that much so far. Stretching seems to make it better. Also, I’ve started taking a painkiller and muscle relaxant:

Iboprufen and the muscle relaxant which is based on Paracetamol and Orphenadrine Citrate. Twice a day. Feels much better now, but I skipped my leg workout altogether this week. Should be able to run by Monday I think.