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Sore Testicles

I have been off cycle for 2 months, I tapered my cycle and did not use any PCT, I have done really well keeping most of my gains and I have not experienced any crash or depression, so I am happy.

My libido was high all the way through too, but my balls are still small (don’t mind that TBH) but I am getting a lot of pain in my balls, I have booked to go see the doc on Thursday but any input before then would be appreciated cheers

I never heard of pain in your boys being a side or problem. You sure its not from the gym/stress?

One of my friends just had this issue. Turned out he had a prostate infection. Told me the doc milked his prostate to do the test, it didn’t sound fun.


I had the same problem on a TRT/HRT dose for two months. HCG, which I now take all the time at 250iu EOD, has helped a lot. So that might be of use. I had a discomfort for a few years after my vasectomy, so my experience is not typical. It you try HCG I would expect results to be noticed in days.

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