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sore tail bone

kind of embarassing…last weekend I bruised my tailbone real bad. anyone know anything I can do to relieve the pain or hurry the recovery process. It takes forever to sit down, and a lot of pain.
…for the record, I bruised my tailbone when I landed in the water awkwardly while jumping off a cliff.

ice that shit. and get a hot chick to give you a hand job. (wont help the bruise, but i guarantee it will take your mind off of it.)

Hopefully you didn’t fracture it. I was ice skating and my dumbass EX girlfriend came up bwhind me and pushed me. Of course since I can’t skate worth anything I fell on my ass and it fractured the tailbone. It hurt for several months and unless you’re into carrying around a “doughnut” pillow to sit on you have to work through it.