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Sore, stiff muscles and joints?


I'm one of those people who's tried most of the supplements that have come and gone over the years (remember "Hot Stuff"?), and have gotten the same results from most of them that you have. Nothing. Even when I wanted to see results so badly that you'd think I'd at least get a placebo effect!

So, I'm definitely not one to jump in with complete and total optimism and expect great results when I try a supplement. This is why I'm such a fan of Biotest's products, and the company's neverending quest to do more and do it better.

But anyway, I've been doing Chad's ABBHP, along with alot of you. Only thing was, when I started, I thought I was in pretty good shape after the Hot-Rox contest, but quickly found out that my half-assed, every-so-often workouts after the contest weren't doing the trick and I was out of shape big time!

And because I've been hitting the program with all the ferocity I could muster (and my "off" days have been anything but off), I have been one sore son of a bitch. Pretty much everything but my toes.

So last night, before bed, I took my first dose of ZMA. Not the first ever, as I've used it before and enjoyed a great night's sleep, but the first in a couple of years.

And I know the attitude about ZMA is "Yeah, it's OK. Gives you a good night's sleep with some pretty vivid dreams. Yep, pretty good stuff."

Well, this morning I stepped out of bed all prepared to do my little "wounded chicken" walk. You know, that walk where your thighs, calves, glutes, achilles tendons, etc. are so tight and stiff that your first few steps are similar to a chicken that's trying to walk after being spun around in circles by it's feet and then thrown against the wall of a barn.

Well I'll be damned if I didn't just......well, walk! Normally!

The change was really that dramatic. I know the soreness and stiffness eventually goes away, but this was too quick, too sudden. And the only thing I did differently was to take three ZMA capsules.

Definitely interesting (not to mention surprising), and definitely worth the measly $14.95 for a month's supply.

Anybody got any favorite remedies for extreme stiffness/soreness?


I've found the best answer overall to quicky recovery, decreased injuries and stiffness, improved CNS, etc. is to have EVERYTHING in line.

What I mean is using 1g vitamin C before workouts. Taking 1/2 Surge during and after workouts. Keeping my diet in line a feeding my muscles enough to recover quickly (try working out and not eating for a while, your soreness time will triple!), getting my EFAs, using ZMA always, taking my vitamins, and pretty much always being on either Tribex or Mag-10.

The more of those factors I take out of the equation the longer my recovery times, I'm more prone to overtraining, CNS bombs quicker, etc.

Surge is a big one though.


I think it was more the effects of a good night's sleep, then the ZMA. Except for the fact that the ZMA helped you to get the good night sleep.


Cold shower + Surge + Rest = Soreness free.


I think the best cure myself is sex before falling asleep.

Nothing gives me a better night's sleep than some good sex.

Course it helps if the kids would stay asleep all night also, but that is a bit harder to control..


You nailed it, Agathos. I think each one of the things you mentioned helps, but the key is to put them all together.

And your "(try working out and not eating for a while, your soreness time will triple!)" comment reminds me of Chad Waterbury's statement that if you're sore, it's your muscles saying "feed me more protein and carbs!", or something to that effect.

Irondoc: there you go, rubbing it in that I don't have a "Select Comfort" yet! :slight_smile: Actually, you do make a good point, but the thing is, I usually do get a pretty good night's sleep anyway. (At least, I think I do, although that's gotta be part of the reason my back's been sore...)

And Antiliberal, thanks for the offer, but I think my wife would get pissed, even if it were for a worthy cause...



Yeah I forgot to mention the bed deal..

I actually bought one of those fancy memory foam type beds a couple years ago, tried it out along with trying out the select comfort and since it was a bit cheaper than that one I went with it.

Both are excellent though, and I wouldn't want to go back to normal mattresses.

Only drawback I would say about the bed is you cant bounce stuff on it. That does deter kids from jumping on it since it absorbs them a lot, but it also makes the horizontal mombo a bit different, much like playing music in a sound deadened room is different than regular walls.