Sore Shoulders From Dips = Injury?

sup guys

Started fully doing dips on a weekly basis recently. Relatively close grip(a lil less than shoulder width, no leaning over, tricep dips so to speak).

Dips are the only excercise that make my shoulders extremely sore, i never had noticable soreness in my shoulders before, from military/push presses. Plus no soreness in triceps at all. Usually my triceps are sore as hell after skullcrushers&close grip bench.

I try to watch my form, however w/o a person trainer i cannot say for certain that my form is perfect, I try to stop when my humerus is parallel to the ground, however it is possible that i still go to too deep w/o realizing it.

Any suggestions ?

-stop in order to prevent shoulder injury
-continue, as doms = “new stress” for deltoids, might get extra growth.
-completely re-evaluate my form and strive for doms in triceps and minimal doms in shoulders.

With love,
urs truly.

Not sure, maybe you have a problem with your rotator cuff. How’s your shoulder flexibility ? You might need to stretch some more before training. Otherwise, maybe it does recruit muscle fibers that you don’t usually stimulate. I’m thinking front delts, do you work your chest alot?

And lastly, does it hurt when you perform those moves? Because if so, stop right there and see a specialist.

Are you having actual pain in the shoulders or is it just muscle soreness? Dips do work the shoulders, so if you added dips recently, you might just be sore because of the new stimulus.

I have been unable to do dips (at least for my chest) for most of my training years. They just never agreed with my shouders (serious pain, not simple soreness though). I can do them on parallel bars for tris but will typically do them between benches to minimize the strain on the shoulder girdle. You could always do some decline db or cable work if trying to hit your lower pecs, that’s pretty much what I’ve relegated myself to, and it’s not really such a horrible thing -lol


dips work my shoulders a fair amount. I go down beyond a 90 degree angle in my arms. It is the equivalent depth to a truly deep squat for me: I go until until my forearm touches my bicep (analogous to squatting until your calves touch your hammies).

If you are looking to turn the attention to your triceps, maybe start with a pre-exhaust for triceps? Or else, just increase the “mind-muscle connection”… keep in your head the motion of pushing the elbows to lockout.

anyways, I’d say continue as usual for another week or so and see what progress you make…