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Sore Shoulder/Traps When Walking

I just did a nice 8 mile walk. When I do these I end up with shoulder and trap soreness, and discomfort while I’m actually walking.

What is this about? is this a sign of overtraining or underdevelopment since the shoulders and traps have to carry the arms long distances? My arms aren’t anything insane for this to be the case I don’t think but when we’re talking long distance running/walking then any imbalances can cause issues so maybe it is that?

what do you guys think this could be?

Wendler mentioned this in Forever - both during long walks and bike rides on the Airdyne, he said he’d often finish it feeling more sore and uncomfortable than when he started.

Don’t have the book on me right now, but he said he’d stop every so often to do some squats, shoulder circles, neck rolls, things like that, just because the body tends to get locked into one position (the shoulder area especially I imagine) and basically just gets sore.

Just move a little. Pause every 2 miles and spend 5 minutes loosening everything up. And if 8 miles is longer than normal for you, that could be part of it.

You might be unintentionally rolling you shoulders (bad posture) foward which would stretch your traps and even more so while swinging arms back and forth.

Kyphosis among other things would be a good guess but there’s really no telling without a profile vid or pic.

no I don’t have kyphosis.

I’ve had rounded shoulders in the past because of doing so much chest work as a young bro (that common mistake) but I’ve sense been fixing that.

I think maybe it’s just from not walking those distances often and being too stationary most days.

One of the main factors in developing kyphosis, but ok.

Do you sit at a desk and work with a keyboard in front of you for hours at a time too?

yes. I don’t have kyphosis, I’ve checked. I do have slight rounded shoulders though which like I said I’m still working on.

Well that’s good. And as silly as it sounds, walking and/or hiking can and often will highlight a lot of postural and structural imbalances and deficiencies.

I have one shoulder higher than the other, and I think it’s gotten worse over the years.

I should probably get that checked out

Sound like Richard III.

Well there is your answer. You prob do not conciously keep good posture while walking long distances your traps and being stretched