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Sore Shoulder after Pushing Prowler

Hi Jim i got my prowler from elitefts anyways allways find my right shoulder getting sore from pushing it does this happen to you ever i find its really interfering with my press days

You’ll be fine after a few weeks.

I notice since i started prowler work my deadlift is actually increasing from 500 pounds for 10 reps to 530 pounds for 10 reps and squat going up to but i just feel my upperbodylifts are taking a beating and yea im not to sure if my right shoulder getting sore cause of a muscle imbalance or maybe i pushing to high on handles on the grass

Also i just got back from the field pushed tge prowler with no wieghts the grass was enough but i notice the prowler goes off to the right side im right handed just wondering jim is this normal is it hard to push it in a pefrect straight line i also lower my hands on the bars instead of ny shoulder being iratated my lat and upperback is sore only on the right side

Just want your advice jim on this subject please

When you went to the PT or doctor, what did he say? I’m neither and have no experience with injuries.

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I just wanted to know if u had that experience with pushing it

Yes, I’ve pushed the Prowler quite a bit. Let me know what your question is.

When i push my prowler it allways goes off to the right side instead of a
straight line

What surface are you pushing it on?

Also after i push prowler my legs get one hell of a workout .but is it
normal for your upperback and shoulders to feel sore and tired from pushing
the prowler?

Im pushing it on a baseballfield grass

The tilting/uneveness or whatever of the Prowler might be a result of the surface or you are simply pushing it harder on one side. I have no idea which one it is.

As for being sore in your shoulders, you are isometrically holding that position and applying pressure, so yes some people will get sore if their bodies’ aren’t in shape to do so. But like anything, you will adapt and I don’t see how this would even remotely effect your lifting. Just give it some time and you’ll be fine.

Thank you for your advice Jim .I bought 2 of your books and been doing
your 5/3/1 program for 5 years now and have made some awsome gains. Just
finished pushing the prowler on the street and it was awesome