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Sore Nuts = Working Nuts?

Two weeks ago I started taking Nolva for pct (after a 6 week “stasis” period), and 1 week ago my testicles were a bit sore for a few days. Then they stopped hurting. Does that mean that my testosterone production is back to normal? I know PCT usually takes longer, but if the ache is gone and my testicles are back to full size, does that mean I can stop PCT early?

Oh, and thanks for reading / responding.


Finish the PCT, normal PCT protocol calls for a slow taper down, dont neglect that.

I always run a full PCT.

My experience has been aching on and off for weeks, even a month or more as the testes regain size and function.

X2 on the “No, don’t stop!”

Everytime I start nolv during the taper my balls are a little tender for about a month. I always thought that meant they were starting to pick up the slack and raising test production. IMO sore balls = progress in recovery.

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whenever my nuts are growing or shrinking i always get really sore (a dull ache) accompanied by lower back pain (the muscles get really tight and my PLC flexibility goes to crap)…I think this means your PCT is working so carry on until you are done.