Sore Nipples

OK guys I’m a few weeks in my cylce of tren and test. the gains are great a little insomnia but getting strong as hell anyway back to my point my nipples are fucking killing me even when my shirt rubs against them they are in pain.

i have 3 anti-Es on hand clomed, dex, and nolva i have an abundant supply of clomid for PCT from a perscription but how should i use these to help prevent what i think is an onset of gyno ive been doing the nolva once a day and it has reduced the inflammation of the nipples but the pain is still there any ideas


Start taking the Nolva at 60-80 mgs a day immediateley If you have 20’s that would be 4X a day maybe even take 40 MG’s 3X on day 1 to start. Keep going until your pain subsides. I have had itchy nips a couple of times and 40 mgs a day for 3 or 4 days handled it, I never got to sore. Are you using the adex ED or what, if not you should be running it during, not just keeping it on hand. What dosage are you running the test at?

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I am using the adex ED since i noticed the soreness there is no puffiness or anything just hurt like a bitch ill start on the nolva today i am running the test at a very low dose of 250mg a week mainly to combate fina dick and it actually works on that i mainly am experimenting to see the gains i can get from tren running 100mg ED so far no sides except insomnia and sensitivity to heat but other than that everything is great i just dont want my chest to get bigger than my girlfriends dont wanna make her jealous of my new titties ya know but thanks for the help

Bro, I would guess that the sensitivity you’re experiencing is from the tren as your test dose is pretty low…tren aromatizes via progesterone so the only sure-fire method to combat this would be ru-486…You could try some b-6 and vitex agnus castus, as I’ve heard these both “seem” to help w/ decreasing prolactin levels…Have you gotten gyno off of deca before? Those who haven’t are usually ok with tren.


I was going to say B6, mikekatz - but i was waiting on a vet to say it first.

Isn’t there another treatment for the symptoms of tren gyno other than RU-486, or Bromo? I heard both of those can be pretty harsh.

I’m not even remotely knowledgeable enough to comment on the prevention/reversal of the soreness, but a tip I learned from some cross-country runners is to put eletrical tape on your nips to keep your shirt from rubbing them raw. It isn’t so bad when you have a hairy chest either and done appropriately, the tape won’t show through your shirt.


Your advice, although a good tip for distance running, doesn’t seem to be the right thing right meow.

I’d have to lean more toward the B6 as well.

Also would “M” help in this advanced situation?


Elevationgain, you listen here meow. I was just suggesting a temporary remedy for his affliction. Meow, this will obviously not solve his problem, but might give some relief from shirt rubbing.


dude tape isnt going to work for me as well both my nipples seem to have a metal ring going through them thing is they are more sore now than they were when i got the damn things pierced and for those who havent experienced it it doesnt feel to dandy and i hope that meow shit you were doing was making a joke from super troopers not gay shit

Prolactin/Progesterone induced gyno is a hotly debated topic in the BB cyber community. Coventional wisom says Bromo or Cabergoline (Dostinex) will reduce prolactin levels . I have never used Bromo, but have used Dostinex and B6 when running tren. Other than a head ache and constipation,no serious sides. I saw one Italian study where cabergoline actually increased natural test production. My .02 cents is the root of any gyno prevention is estrogen control regardeless of the substance used.

For sore nips I would still run the Nolva regardless.