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Sore Medial Delt

I tried searching and searching and googling and googling…so forgive me if I missed something.

The lowest part of my medial delt gets a bit sore when I start lifting movements like shoulder presses, bench, lateral raises etc. The pain level isn’t high, kind of feels like a ‘strained’ feeling.

I didn’t remember feeling any type of pain before I ‘hurt’ it so I can’t really figure out what happened on what exercise unfortunately.

Could anyone recommend some rehab movements I could do? Would light weight lateral raises do the trick? I took the last week off but I can feel that it’s still a bit sore when I lift my arm up side ways to it’s highest point, like when you’re doing the ‘chicken wing’ flapping.

Thanks, I appreciate any help :slight_smile:

Just FYI, the lowest part of your medial delt is down here.

Without any more info, I’d just check out Cressey’s shoulder saver series.

Chances are there’s something up with your shoulder that caused your delt to be overworked/stretched. Or you just could have gotten crazy with lateral raises - at any rate I’d read the articles.

Where’s the medial delt?

[quote]malonetd wrote:
Where’s the medial delt?[/quote]

I guess he means middle deltoid.

(Medial delt is near the pectoid / fractal tie-in!)