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Sore Lump After Sustanon Injection

Did a test sustanon 250 in right buttocks now there’s a huge hard lump there and it’s sore is it bad or am I ok?

Sustanon contains prop. Prop is known to hurt.

Anybody else have a sore ass for a week on sustanon? Anyway to help ease the pain…

Definitely not a great situation but as long as it didn’t get more inflamed throughout the week you should be ok… If it doesn’t get better get to a doctor though!

I use my thighs not buttocks but have never experienced anything like that, other than occasionally a dead leg for one day, and that’s with pushing in up to 2ml at a time sometimes

U take sus 250 in the quad?

No I use enanthate, sometimes cypionate, deca, occasionally tren e in the thigh

This sus has me in so much pain it’s hard to walk

Yeah doesn’t sound good mate. Have you used from that vial before? And are you using long enough needles?

Ya I was on cyp no pain whatsoever switched to sus and it’s same company and it’s pretty bad hopefully my body will adjust

If u mis muscle and get it under skin will I still get the effects?

Yeah sub q is actually preferred by some… Generally for small doses though I think. I’ve always gone intramuscular personally

That wasn’t from the sustanon, bud. Tell you wife’s boyfriend to take it easier on you next time.

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