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Sore Lower Back When Benching?

Is sore lower back just part of bench pressing or is this due to lack of mobility.

It shouldn’t be Sore like you just did too many deadlifts but you may be tensing up and aggravating a disc issue. I’ve got a few bulging discs and the last year or so I’ve actually been benching with my feet up, either on the bench or in the air which has helped.


Maybe ur forcing ur arch too hard and a lot of that movement is coming from the lower back. Easy to cramp up that way.


Usually addressing hip flexor tightness and thoracic mobility help. If you have very short legs you might need to put your feet on blocks

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Common issue if you have a back problem. A healthy spine should be able to fully arch - aka a typical powerlifting bench press - without discomfort.

You need to be more specific . Is the pain in the spine or lower lat area?

After I crushed a disk in my back I couldn’t barbell bench for a couple of years because of the pain. I just used the hammer strength chest press until I was pain free.

By the way I still struggle with thoracic mobility, I need to work on it.

Yip, I can relate to that.

Dips have been a revelation for me. Even with a long-standing shoulder issue, I can dip with the right set-up (wider starting position). Recently followed Paul Carter’s suggestion to try band-resisted dips, which are an excellent way to accentuate the negative portion of the rep.

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Wear a decent weight to support your arch and restrict a huge arch. Solved my problem

How are you setting up the bands? I’m picturing around your thumbs and across your shoulders?

I dig these too. I’ve approached it by just putting my hands inside the loop, throwing the band over the back of my neck, and putting the band between my palm and dip bar.

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Since I train at home, and have time on my hands like most folks, I will try and get a pic later.

In summary, I have a half rack which has dipping handles on the adjustable barbell stands. I loop a band around the feet of the rack. I then attach the band to the front of my sled harness, so the band is slightly in front of me rather than directly underneath. This is particularly useful (for me) because I then wrap my legs around the band and it keeps my body at a slight angle (think Vince Gironda dips and you’ll know exactly what I mean. I personally find these better for my shoulders rather than the leaning forward, legs back version). I use the height of the stands to increase/decrease tension on the band.


Thanks. I think I’m picturing it. I’ll give the @mr.v3lv3t version a shot, because I have the set-up for it, but yours definitely sounds like a comfortable line

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