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Sore Lower Back from Deadlifts


Right now I'm doing 5 reps for my deadlifts and in between sets I feel this deep soreness in my lower back, which usually subsides in a minute or two. The thing is, I never feel the same soreness when I do my usual deadlift routine with 3 rep sets, is this lower back soreness indicating that my form is off?


I use to get that alot, I think it's partly the pump and therefore some inflammation and partly from using the muscle with such an awesome exercise. If it's unbearable go to a doctors or even better a physio; if bearable work through it, ride it out and like mine as your back gets stronger and bigger I find it gets less and less.


-Weak Lower back

Can use a belt as a crutch, or build lower back.



I would say your just weak.

Keep working at it.


Yep, I get it, too. Lower back is def. my limiting factor with deadlifts.


For me that only happens when I lock out my hips before the weight is all the way up. Mabey find someone around who knows how to deadlift spot you a few sets and have them let you know if they notice anything form wise.


It's weird that you don't notice it on 3-rep sets, when you'd presumably be using heavier weight.

Any chance you can get a video of some 5-rep sets? I'm leaning towards most of the others, in that you may not be staying stable/tight for those last two reps and that's compromising your technique.

Try dropping the weight significantly and doing a few sets of 5-8 next time. If you can keep solid form on those, and you don't notice the same back soreness you're talking about, then that'll help narrow it down.



..and how long have you been DL for?


I get the same thing and it's form related for me. Sometimes my form will be on and the weight goes up pretty easy and I have no pain. Other times the weight goes up tough and I'm sore the next few days.

It sucks cause it affects me for about a week. Makes me to want to skip DL's. It affects my squats a lot cause my lower back is tight and I lack mobility.

  • form
  • fish oil
  • the deadlift is the heaviest compound for most people so it places insane stress on the body if you're using any serious kind of weight


It's probably my form, when I do my 3 rep sets, I reset for every rep. When I do my 5 rep sets, I don't reset after each set. I'll try and reset after each rep and see if that helps.


Things that could've been brought to my attention YESTERDAY!!!!!
(Movie reference, somebody?)

But yeah, dude, that could explain a lot right there.

Any chance you could expand on that point? I'm not quite sure how you got there from "My low back is sore after 5 reps but not 3 reps."


nice Wedding Singer quote!

and I get the same thing.....although I do DL's after squats. also I've been doing Thib's skinny legs cure which is lots of reps.

Eventually though I get such a burning in my thoracic fascia region that I have to stop or maybe it's the lower erector spinae...not sure


good point. i was very vague and general with that.

but yea, thanks for pointing out the failure :stuck_out_tongue: