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Sore Knee, No Pain Unless Touched

I will start off by saying this has been a chronic issue with me. I know I have an existing issue in that my right hip/ pelvis in rotated outward about 8 degrees, causing my right foot to be turned out when walking, left foot and hip are dead nuts striaght.

The issue I have been having with my knee is after any moderate physical activity, about 2 inches below the knee cap on the interior of the leg, there seems to be an area that consistently swells and becomes extremely sensitive to the touch. I can take a lacrosse ball or use heavy pressure to massage the area, and the sensitivity/ pain will subside for a few minutes, but the swelling remains. After about 10 mintues the area becomes tight again and the sensitivity comes back.

When I describe moderate activity, this can be anything from walking a long distance up to heavy squats and deads. Either produces the same result with no noticeable differences betweent the 2.

No this has never stopped or held me back from doing work, just trying to figure out what is going on.

Could it be anserine bursitis? Google it and see!


Thanks, I think that might be it. Going to try the stretches and stuff I found on online and a couple of the exercises and see if it takes care of it.

Regardless it ain’t slowin me down, just would be nice to get rid of the tenderness.