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Sore Joints- Rebound XT Cause?


OK, been using it about 30 days and my knees are killing.
I thought I had read somewhere that some of the PCT choices can cause stiff sore joints . .
Any feedback is appreciated . ...
BTW- form is gold on squats and I do use lots of fish oils, MSM and rub the knees with Traumeel

This is a new thing . .pain is just above the knee and lateral a bit- but not quite insertion of TFL ..

Thanks again all
Please feel free to PM me if you have insider scoop


I'm going to as I'd really like to verify this . .

Thanks any and all . .


Yeah if you take too much of it or I suppose any AI, you lower estrogen too much. If your estrogen is too low, sore joints, I believe caused by less water in the joint area itself. Now thats not exactly a well-typed or thorough answer,


It's probably becaue your dose is too high. If you're running 3 caps a day/75mgs then that's to much. You didn't mention what your dose is so I can only speculate that it's to high since I've come across a few guys how ran it to high and had the same problems. I'm pretty sure it also lowers cortisol levels.


Sorry- my dose was/is 2 caps/day- but I'm 6'/ 240 @ about 13% BF . .
Ironically, the knees and shoulder have started to feel good again BUT it's been about a week off of a PP/ Superdrol cycle . . .I thinkk it was the PH . .

R XT is still part of my PCT for another three weeks but all is feeling much better.

I guess next time if I do a cycle, I'll take a major joint supplement along with the fish oils . . .

Sheeesh- all thiis and I look more like the guy who carries your lumber than Frank Zane :wink:

Thanks all for input


Glad to hear things are feeling better bro. Btw that's a very respectable size. I'd say just try and hold it and then you can cut down to "Zane" like proportions later on.


LOL . .thanks Wideguy . .but you know how it is . .you hit 40 . .figure you have a decade more to
"mass up" and then pull a Stallone for the remainer of the trip . .

I have to say Waterbury's stuff has been a boon for me . .just right in terms of volume/ intensity . .

We'll just keep complimenting it with nutrition and supps along the way :wink:

Cheers buddy