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I’m combining cyp/equipoise (small amounts of each…splitting 150cyp and 200eq) into two different injections per week. Doesn’t matter if I go shoulder or glute, everything goes smoothly day one but by day two a larger size elongated knot forms and by days 3-7 it is somewhat painful to the touch. I have talked to a couple different guys and get differing opinions, one says it’s normal and the other says at a dose that small, there is no reason I should be having the issues that I’m having. I can train but touching or sleeping on the area is impossible. Does this sound like a high BA percentage, bad gear or what. I’m new to all this and it’s my first run but I’ve been on for 5 weeks and nothing has changed. Like I said, I can still train etc but it’s just a pain in the ass (no pun intended).

Cyp will take 5-6 weeks to really start feeling it. Sounds like it could be high BA. One way of telling if the gear is bad is by your ejaculent, funny this my seem (go ahead laugh) when I run test my loads turn to barely anything sometimes it will be a lot usually in the second portion of my cycle but the first 6 weeks its hardly anything so for me that’s a good indicator it’s good.