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Sore in Only Certain Places

I recently just started to work out again after a two-three year rest. I have been doing compound lifts and some cardio to get back into the rhythm of things. My question comes from the bench. I have been doing free weight regular, inclined, dumb bells and did a little on a machine even though I know it sucks. I haven’t done any butterflies or dips yet. The day after I work out, the only part of my chest that is sore is where my pecs attach to my arm/shoulder area. They aren’t sore the further I go towards the middle of my chest. Is this just because the sore parts are my weak points? I’m pretty sure I am an entire weak point, so shouldn’t the entire muscle be sore? Would the dips and butterflies help? I probably cannot do more than one dip to start off, but I can start there. If it’s not a big deal, I’m fine with that. I just want to make sure I am getting a good workout.

Just aim to get a whole stimulus and yes just getting back in your weak points will be VERY noticable. They will catch up. Just concentrate on making whole progress and get the feel of what it takes toi activate the rest of the muscle.

Oh and soreness is NOT a good indicator of a w/o. The reasoning you are feeling it where you stated is the HIGH amount of strain on that connection point. The point at which the muscle gets compact/dense and connects to that tendon which then spreads to the muscle belly so a LOT of energy is flowing from the whole of the muscle belly and through that one smaller place. It will get stronger in time.

Hope thatb helps,


Thanks a lot. I figured the feel would change after a while. Can anyone refer me to a thread about how soreness works and information about it? Or just post something on here? Thanks in advance!


Punch that in the search function here as well as google and have fun. But know that it is still remaining to be something that is largely NOT understood.

Lots of ways to help aid recovery though Two articles pop in my head one from CT with contrast showers etc. then another from Mike Robertson I do beleive.


Stretch well and don’t be afraid to start with smaller weights and progress as the soreness goes away. Chances are you took too long of a break and you just aren’t conditioned enough to lift heavy.

You could also try different exercises that work the same muscles but just in a different form. Soreness usually means you have bad form or technique. Find a reputable trainer in your gym to watch you and see if you are doing something wrong.