Sore hips

I have pain in both of my hips. It has been diagnosed as a tight tendon that stretches from hip to knee. The pain has been around for about 6 months and I can’t seem to stretch it out. Physio has not helped. Anybody else with this problem. Looking for a fix. I think it started from squats. I’ve been lifting heavy for 17 years now. I’m 29. Thanks for the reply in advance.

You’ve been lifting heavy since you were 12?

Although I’m not a doctor or physio or similar, and don’t wish to diagnose over the internet, it sounds to me like you have illio-tibial band syndrome. It is mpost commonly associated with pain in the knee. It is indeed quite difficult to stretch, but most of the good stretching books out there illustrate stretches for it. IMO the best stretches for this require a partner. Massage is very effective in reducing tension and should definately be done. I would check with another physio first to make sure this is the problem however.

Yes. A group of us started in the mornings at the begining of highschool. So I guess it won’t be 17 years until Sept 2001. Close enough. Made great gains. It was right around puberty.

Thanks Johnathon. I’ve been to physio and massage for a few months now. It isn’t getting better. I stopped squats to see if that helps. I can load up on leg presses and no pain. No knee pain at all. Squats hurt. I’ll have to find someone that can help me out.