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Sore hip flexor/upper thigh

Hello all! Has anyone experienced pain in hip flexor area when squatting? (upper front thigh, 4-5 inches below the bony bump in my hip bone)

It can be felt especially when starting from the bottom (=parallel for me) of a back squat, at the point where the angle between my torso and thigh is at the minimum. Also, any leg-raise type exercises hurt a bit (not that much), as well as any movements where knee is pulled towards chest, as in buttock stretches. It feels as if something is getting "compressed" or pinched, and the pain radiates a few inches down my quad.

I don't recall spraining my flexors, they just gradually became more painful during RR&D 5x5 program. And they are almost equally sore, left one a bit more.

What could it be - is something (bursa?) getting compressed near hip joint? Or is it just some overuse thing in flexors, with slight inflammation? (2 week rest did not eliminate it, though.)

What did you do to heal it? Is light stretching ok? (Any quad/flexor stretch seems to be ok if I don't force it - and I really need quad stretches as they are _very_ tight.) Ice? Massage (no ART here, please do not suggest it...)

I'm just starting HST so I have a couple of weeks of light weights ahead to act as rehab, but I'm afraid that when moving to heavier weights, flexors really flare up again.

Huh? Nobody has any comments?


I’ve had this before, and I have flexibility problems with my hip flexors. This is what works for me:
go into a lunge position, putting your left leg as far behind you as you can. Rotate your hips so that they are facing forward completely. Then, try to push your pelvis outward. Hold for 15 seconds, relax, repeat. Do for the other side.

I did this every day for a couple of weeks, and it eliminated both lower back pain as well as hip flexor pain.

Yeah, I’m doing this almost daily for the past six months.

To tell the truth - there might also be something in hi-reps for rehabbing. I have slightly limited the range in squats and gone really light as HST program dictates, and the pain seems to be disappearing. Good thing, as 10 and 5 rep weeks are approaching quickly.