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sore hip - bursitis?

Hey there guys,

need some quick advice. My doctor said that I have bursitis (he spelled it that way?) in my left hip. Some sort of inflamation between the hip bone and the muscle that lays over it. It started at a repetative job I had and now I have constant pain/discomfort and it constantly feels like I keep all my weight on my left leg and that I am leaning to the left all the time. He gave me a “prescription” for physiotherapy, or he said he would just inject cortizone? Any ideas what I should do? I have not gone to physio yet. Thanks for any ideas.

 Cortizone will cause breakdown of muscle. 

When u do cardio for prolonged periods of time, the main concern bodybuilders and weightlifters have is the fact cortisol levels will be elevated, causing te breakdown of precious muscle. Just thought u should know.

I’d either take the advice of your doc, or get a second opinion. Then follow it.

I’m not sure, but you may want to look into A.R.T. therapy. Do a search if you aren’t sure what that is. I’m not sure if cases of Bursitis would respond, but I don’t see why not.

Thanks for the ideas. As for ART I know what it is but I live in a small town in Canada and I really doubt that there is any place near here that I could get the service although I would like to do a search if I could. Anyone know how to locate ART providers?

A shot of cortisol into the bursa won’t cause you to fall apart or your muscles to waste away. It’s not injected into the bloodstream, after all. The goal is to knock the inflammation out with the shot and hope it doesn’t come back at all. If it does come back, you can inject it up to a few times a year before worrying about doing damage to the bursa and surrounding tissues. You need to get rid of that inflammation somehow because if you continue to alter your walk you’re going to start putting a lot of other things out of alignment, it’s not nice, I’ve been there!

A cortizone shot will not eat up all your muscle. Ice and ROM work will help. You could also use anti inflammatories. When the swelling subsides stretch the IT Band (glutes and hips) to help reduce friction on the bursae.

Hey Guys,

Thanks for the heads up on the cortizone shot. Getting rid of the inflamation would be nice! What is a good over the counter anti-inflamatory?

Try any Ibuprofen for your anti inflammatory

Thanks Alex,

Thats what I figured but I thought there might be something I could get that would be more effective. I will go with that for now and see how things go. Thanks for the help guys.