Sore Hamstrings Won't Go Away

For a year now I cannot make any progress with squats or deadlifts (actually any exercise that affects hamstrings) because of how stiff and sore my upper hamstrings get. So I just do the same light weights over and over. Still, the muscles don’t adapt and the soreness/stiffness continues. When I take a break from weightlifting, the soreness subsides. I do not have any such problem with any other muscle group.

I do stretch a lot. I do 4-5 hours of martial arts a week as well. The martial arts does not cause this problem. However, I really want to train with the weights as well. This problem has brought my lower body strength training progress to a complete halt.

Does anyone have any advice please?

I’ll respond with a question: please post what supplements you take and what your diet looks like, and we’ll be glad to help.


Little hard to say, but your hamstrings might actually be too flexible. At any rate, they’re out of balance with the rest of your hip muscles. Check this article out for a start.

In response to KNB. I am taking:
multi w/minertals
whey protein
magnesium - just started as recommended by another post.

I do not think I overtrain. I have not gotten to any heavey weights. Three sets of 10 @135lb will do me in for a week. Years ago I could do with 300lbs. I just want to do a basic whole body workout of compound exercises 3 times a week to compliment my martial arts. However, I have not gotten anywhere with my lower body since re-starting a regualar workout program from the ground up 2 years ago.


Same thing has happened to me. I mean I can do leg curls and machines, but when I try to do stiff leg dead’s I’m so sore i can’t move for 10 days. I tried just adding in 1 set of low reps and working in more and had some degree of success.
The only thing I can think of is that I used to be moving around on my feet more durng the day at my old job and now sit in front of the computer all day long.
I think idle work like this might contribute to shortening of the hamstrings.
Also found a little gentle and very light ham work on the following day of your real ham workout loosen’s things up a bit.
It really sucks… I know.
Also may want to try and ride a stationary bike at a gentle/moderate pace for like 2 minutes between sets when doing hamstring workout…It helps alot!

You might want to take a look at your technique on deadlifts. If you are locking your knees it will put a lot of excess stress on your hammies. Have you tried foam rolling? I know it helped me out on some of my shoulder problems. Also mobility work before working out might help.