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Sore Groin When Squatting


I started SS about 3 weeks ago. Last Monday, right after squatting I had a slightly sore groin. By Wednesday it felt fine, so I attempted to go up 10 lbs and squat. The first working set was painful, and I stopped right then. I didn't deadlift either. So I skipped squats on Friday and this Monday, I did just 65 lbs. Everything felt fine, so today I tried 10 lbs less than I did last Monday when the soreness started. Right now, it is a bit sore.

So I guess I need to change something on my squat. I stand with feet a tad wider than my shoulders, and I go past parallel, according to my wife. I also make a conscious effort to break at the hips first. I am a bit behind the times, and I plan to go camera shopping this weekend so I can record a video. Until then, does anyone have any tips for helping with the groin? If you have experienced this in the past, what was the cause? Thanks.


people tend to get sore when they lift weights. You are probably just being a puss. Either that or something is very wrong and you should see a doctor immediately. And read the squatting article on the front page


I had a similar kind of pain dude.

I dont know if its relevant to you but i've found that i really have to focus on pushing through the glutes and forcing the knees out otherwise i get that kind of pain your describing....


http://www.T-Nation.com/free_online_article/most_recent/squat_like_you_mean_it_tips_for_a_deeper_squat Work on the mobility section of this article, and see if your hips aren't just in a shitty state of mobility. Once you get your hips healthy and mobile a lot of problems disappear, and you can start putting weight up.


I would not take your wife word on the depth of your squat. Do you warm up before you lift weight? Do you stretch your inner thighs? Do you point your toes out or straight ahead? Are you trying squat as if you had gear on in a powerlifting squat or are you squating like you should with out gear?

Are you doing lounges, leg press or leg extensions before you squat?


I do warm ups. I do a set of 5 with just the bar, then I divide up the jumps. If my working set is 125, I would do 45x5, 65x5, 85x4, 105x3 as an example warmup. I turn my toes out, I try for about 30 degrees angle. I have started stretching today based on the squat article on the front page. I have no idea how to squat with gear, so if you have any pointers on how to make sure I am not making those mistakes, I would love to hear it.


Try squating with your toes straight. Warm up with light cardio for 5-10 minutes, then do some stretches.

Do your squats first before the other exercises. Thats alot of warm up sets. You probably just need to warm up with cardio and stretch more. You might just have really weak inner thigh muscles. Try doing a set of 20 reps on the inner thigh machine. This would only be used to activate your inner thigh muscles and warm them up. I actually do this at the end of my work out to prevent the pain you are talking about. I use to get the same pain when I would point my toes out doing squats.


These just came out, hope these help.


I used to have this problem. I think you're problem is due to lack of mobility. Make sure you're stretching your hip flexors, adductors, inner thighs (don't remember the name for these) quads, and hams. After I started foam rolling and stretching before squatting this problem went away. Knock on wood.


Thank you, I usually do a light jog for 3-5 minutes before the warm-up squats.

And I will watch those videos as soon as I get home. Thank you all for your advice!


NICE. I've been hoping they'd make these.


Yeah, thanks for posting those videos. That's awesome, the bench series was great so I'm glad to see they are doing it with squats. Hopefully they make more than just the two that are up there right now.