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Sore Fingers w/ BB Bent Over Row


The only other thread I could fine was one someone had posted on bb.com, but it had little useful replies. I got sore fingers from doing BB rows (have only been doing them for 2-3 weeks). Is this normal, did anyone else get something similar starting up? Only one finger is now sore, and hopefully will be gone soon, it is not painful just a bit sore still.


Are you talking about the skin getting torn/irritated about by the gnarling? If, so, and you are new to lifting...yes that is normal. It will go away as your hands get tougher.


It does sound kind of dumb...? Is your grip giving out? Some people use straps for DB rows but in most cases (for beginners at least) they try to row more then they can handle anyway.


It's normal if your skin hasn't adapted yet.

Dumbbell rows will hurt more.


No, not skin, the tendon/ligament soreness in one finger still remains, i guess my grip must have been wrong. ??


Maybe all your internet trolling has given you carpal tunnel (sp?)?


yes your hands do get sore from holding heavy weights...

for 3 weeks or whatever, i did 15 rep deadlift maxes and my hands would be extremely sore...



WHo would have guess it would have been a member of the class of 09?!?!

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Just part of pulling weights. Perhaps you're just not used to some hard work?


If sore fingers from BB rows bother you enough to make a post about it...you've got a rude wake up call coming...any more questions you have like this should go in the beginner section for future reference.


If you have problems after a few more weeks, you could always purchase lifting hooks and see if that will help. As for myself, I normally wear gloves and use lifting straps for bb rows (note: I do not go that heavy - the most I did was 365lb x 5-6) and I had not problems with fingers.


I don't think there was a problem with his post - just concerned about something that didnt feel like muscular soreness or skin-related pain from gripping the weights. I didn't get the impression that he was complaining that he got hurt doing the rows.

I don't think there is anything wrong - I went bowling just last week for the first time in years and my fingers were sore for days afterwards.


you do realize that the material made out of lifting gloves has high levels of estrogen in them . once the body starts to sweat, the estrogen is absorbed into the skin. don't be suprised if you start to get moody and your nipples get sensitive.



Yes hooks and straps for any pulling exercises (works on pull-downs and ups as well).


The problem was that it is in the wrong section. The problem is that achy bones, joints, fingers and muscles come with real training.


I already wear gloves with wrist support, so I don't know how this happened, my guess is that being the second time i had done BB rows (happened both times), i maybe did not have the bar properly in my palms and used my fingers too much putting it down or something? Thanks. Does anyone else get this? Or got it?


real training does not have to produce achy bones, joints and fingers lol. That's a bit defeatest mate.


That is why everyone hates that fishoil stuff. God what a waste of money.

So yesterday you are bigger than Men's Health Models, and today you are rowing for the first time, and worried about your fingers hurting?


You'll be fine..... you just need your grip to catch up with you.
Right now your grip is not strong enough to really squeeze the bar while doing the exercise, so your fingers are holding on for dear life and taking a beating.

The pain will be gone in a few days....

My suggestion would be to start working your way up in weight with farmers walks at the end of your workouts. Make sure its a weight you can really squeeze (so that its not just your fingers taking a beating) and walk around until your GRIP gives. Dont let it roll to your fingers......but hold on for dear life by squeezing the dumbbell. Then gradually progress up in weight.(If you need further explanation, let me know.)

Also, get rid of the gloves, and don't use straps (personal opinion). If you cant hold onto the weight, you shouldn't be using that weight.


Time for someone to man up I think...